Apollo Project - Cemex Colombia

Apollo Project - Cemex Colombia

Kemex was awarded with a  cement storage silos, extraction and bulk cargo for the Apollo Project Cemex Maceo Plant (Colombia).

Kemex perform engineering and equipment supply of the following parts of the project:

  • Cement conveying by airslide from the mill to two storage silos.
  • Design and engineering two cement storage silos of 5,000 tons each.
  • Supply of equipment fluidization, extraction silos.
  • Bulk cargo truck by mobile loading system.

Conveying by airslide and vertical screw conveyor from the cement silos tobag filling system.

The characteristics of the installation are:

  • Transportation of 200 ton/h from mill to silos.
  • Fluidifization system silos with inner cone and aeration in six sectors.
  • Extraction of cement by six lateral outputs with capacity of 500 t / h.
  • It performed simultaneously charging bulk rate of 250 trucks tn/h and conveying to bag filling system rate of 250 t / h.
  • The bulk of trucks is by mobile loading system which is positioned in the truck.
  • Dedusting system by Kemex bag filters.

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