CAE Cyclone

CAE Cyclone
KEMEX’s CAE cyclone separators are used for separating the dust particles pulled by a current of air or gas by the effect of inertia.

Its efficiency depends on the particle size and specific gravity of the powder to be conveyed.

It can be used as a single separator or for pre-separation prior to the spout baghouse in cases of high dust concentrations.

KEMEX CAE cyclones base their operation on the inertial force of the particles revolving inside the cyclone due to their tangential entrance, separating it from the current or gas transporting it.
When the powder + air mixture enters, the dust particles move to the cyclone’s wall, where they slide to the bottom and are discharged via an alveolar valve or flow control gate. In turn, the clean air or gas exits through the upper center conduit.
The cyclone can work under pressurized or depressurized conditions, depending on the installation.

Design features:

• Low load loss
• Rugged construction
• Low maintenance cost
• Space saving
• High concentrations of dust
• Capacities up to 400,000 m3/h when mounted in parallel