JET LINE Bag Filter

JET LINE Bag Filter
KEMEX’s JET LINE bagfilter are used for purifying air or gases containing solid particles using the dry method.

These bagfilters are automatically cleaned by using a compressed air countercurrent. It has a welded construction to more fully ensure leaktightness. KEMEX JET LINE bagfilters are designed with a lower hopper or bottom connection, processing or cylindrical bagfilters, depending on the client’s needs. KEMEX LINE JET bagfilters can work under conditions of pressurization or depressurization, depending on the type of application.


JET LINE bagfilters consist of a chamber common to all spouts with a collecting hopper below it. The dust collected is discharged via an air chute, auger, alveolar valve or flow control gate.
Extraction from the spouts is done via the top part of the bagfilter, without any need to enter inside. We also design rectangular spouts with side extraction for cases where sufficient height is lacking.
Cleaning is done by compressed air countercurrent, row by row of the spouts, through electric valve controlled by an electronic sequencer.

Design features:

• Welded construction
• Manufactured from carbon or stainless steel
• On-line and off-line cleaning
• Work under conditions of pressurization or depressurization
• Flows to be filtered up to 400,000 m3/h
• Discharge of dust by air chute, alveolar valve or slide gate
• Provision of support structure, shaft ladder and safety rail at the top


JET LINE bagfilters can be used in the cement industry in silo-loading and conveying processes, transfer of belts, grinding of cement raw materials, cement and slag, bulk loading, unloading of trains and trucks. They can have separate chambers for the kiln and cooler.

It also works with all types of dry solids, such as: