MCA Open truck Loadind Spout

MCA Open truck Loadind Spout
For the bulk material in open trucks and train. Specially designed for high rates of load without dust emissions

KEMEX manufactures telescopic loading spouts suitable for bulk loading fine and coarse dry solids in open trucks. These spouts enable clean loading, free of dust emissions and at high loading rates.

KEMEX telescopic spouts can be used with any type of bulk solids, coarse or fine, abrasive or not. 
It loads products as clinker, limestone, stone, minerals, etc.

They basically consist of a central telescopic steel conduit for the product to flow through, a flexible conduit concentric to the steel conduit or two flexible side conduits for dedusting, a lower bell with a rubber skirt, and a motorized drive to raise and lower the bell.
A level indicator is installed in the bell to order it to automatically rise during loading.
It has two limit switches for indicating whether the spouts are retracted or extended and for ordering the drive motor to stop.
Design features:

• Telescopic spouts: standard, or designed for client needs
• High load capacities
• Steel telescopic loading conduit
• Abrasion-resistant
• Motorized operation
• Dedusting conduit
• Level controller and limit switches