CPM Mobile Loading System

CPM Mobile Loading System
KEMEX’s mobile loading is the ideal equipment for automatically positioning the loading spout.

It consists of a fixed body for product intake and a moving body to which the loading spout is attached. The movable body moves on 4 wheels on 2 tracks.

The car is made to move by means of a geared motor.

The loading spout attached to the movable body is moved at will by using the motor to move the cart until it is located vertical to the tanker’s inlet. At that point, the spout is lowered and the loading can be done.

KEMEX designs carts with a single longitudinal displacement or with a double longitudinal/transverse displacement which makes lining up the spout even easier.


• Movement may be in one or two direction to automatically position the loading spout
• Movement length from 0.5 to 10 m
• Motorized operation
• Large product throughput
• Dedusting