TSD Screw Extractor

TSD Screw Extractor
For extraction and dosing of fine dry solids stored in silos or hoppers.

At times, due to the particular characteristics of some materials, products stored in silos must be removed mechanically with screw augers.

This is true in hoppers as well, where the product must be dosed and because of its tendency to arch. Equipment such as Kemex’s TSD dosing or extraction screws is designed for when this happens.

These are operated individually by geared motors whose speed can be varied via frequency converters in order to adjust the desired flow rate to be dosed.
This ensures highly accurate dosing and extraction and effective cleaning of the coil. They are built of carbon steel and stainless steel, with wear-resistant steel coils when required by the abrasiveness of the product.

The screws can be single or double, depending on the installation.


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