About Kemex

About Kemex

Kemex is today regarded as a premier company in the bulk solids handling and processing systems in the cement, chemical and mining industries.

Our experience and knowledge gained over the years, allows us to offer our own technology in the material handling, providing innovative solutions in our fields of activity.

We offer solutions with our technology in the field of pneumatic and mechanical conveying, silos and storage technologies, load dispatch technologies and dust technologies.

We offer our clients a complete service. From engineering, manufacture and turnkey facilities in need our material handling technology.


40 years ago a group of engineers with experience in designing facilities for handling materials in the cement industry, founded Kemex.

Over the years our experience and knowledge gained in the management of materials has allowed us to deploy our technologies in other industries such as chemical and mining.

Experience Kemex


We have always worked closely with our customers. The important thing is to keep in contact, not only during delivery, but maintaining a continuous work that strengthens our relationships.

Actually our presence in foreign markets, we can adapt, through our sales representatives, to each market and maintain this spirit of giving value to our customers, with our expertise in the area of materials handling

Commitment Kemex


One thing we pride ourselves is the quality we offer in the facilities design and manufacture, and the robustness of our equipment, which today still in full performance.

This success is based on our experience, and in conjunction with our clients find the best solution to the problems raised.