DBP Bypass Gate

DBP Bypass Gate
KEMEX’s bypass gates are designed to divert the flow of the product flowing vertically through the effect of gravity in aeroslide conveyor.

The KEMEX bypass gate functions as a valve controlled by gravity using the interior flow control gate.

Its simple and rugged construction is designed with different operational angles and executions.

A complete seal is attained by using suitable fasteners. It consists of an inlet and two outlets at an angle of 30º-45 º-60º. They are built in sizes from 100 to 800 mm. They are Manufactured from carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Design features:

• Square flanges.
• Manual, pneumatic or motorized operation.
• Symmetrical and asymmetrical With different outlet angles.
• Special abrasion-resistant construction With bimetal wear-resistant steel flap.