ABX Pressure Vessel

ABX Pressure Vessel
When high pressure is needed for dense phase transport, Kemex’s ABX Vessel is the ideal conveying equipment.

Kemex’s pressure vessel equipment is especially suitable for conveying products that are fine and coarse and highly abrasive at a high pressure and over long distances. This is dense phase conveying. 

Grain size is not a critical part of this equipment’s design; it is not limited by pressure. The container and its elements are simply designed for the required pressure, which allows for high yields and conveying distances.

Once the Kemex air pump is filled with product, it is filled with air or another compressed gas for driving the material through the pipeline, thereby carrying out the pneumatic conveying.

In principle, the Kemex pressure vessel is considered to be intermittent conveying, since the conveying cycle is interrupted after emptying in order to make a new load. In cases where the process requires that the conveying be continuous, two vessels are set up in parallel, so that while one is conveying, the other is in the filling phase, thus effecting successive cycles of loading and transportation between the two vessels.

Kemex pressure vessel are provided feeding and dedusting valves and various pressure switches for automatic operation and security.

The high pressure of the conveying allows the path to be designed with smaller diameter pipes.

Kemex air pumps are currently being used in the mining and chemical industries, conveying products such as:

Advantages of the Kemex air pump

  • Conveying capacities of up to 200 t/h
  • Conveying distances of up to 1,000 m
  • Conveying pressure of up to 3 bars
  • Temperatures of up to 250° C
  • Vessel size is dimensioned based on installation characteristics
  • Designed for abrasive materials
  • Pressure switches and fill levels
  • Installation with smaller diameter pipes