VAP Rotary Valve

VAP Rotary Valve
KEMEX’s VAP rotary valves are specially designed for pneumatic conveying and are used in low-pressure installations for filling conveying lines in a dosed manner with low-abrasive powdered and granular products.

VAP rotary valves are suitable for low-pressure – less than 1 bar – pneumatic conveying and include an intake connection for coupling to the conveying pipeline. 

Air is introduced into the conveying pipeline by a blower.

They are composed of a closed body with side covers, with an upper opening for introducing material inlet and a lower outlet, with a rotor composed of blades forming cavities rotated by a geared motor.

The closures are pressurized and thus seal the equipment hermetically.

These are used to convey low-abrasion products. Currently, our VAP valves are working with products such as:

• PVC resin powder
• Polystyrene pellets and powder
• Polystyrene pellets and powder
• Sodium carbonate
• Coke powder
• Hydrated lime
• Perborate
• Plaster
• Gypsum
• Limestone powder
• Sawdust
• Flours

Advantages of VAP rotary valves for pneumatic conveying

• Capacity of up to 200 t/h
• Working pressures below 0.6 bar
• Made of carbon steel, cast iron, aluminum or stainless steel
• With sealed bearings separated from the covers
• Pressurized closures and compression gland