MCC Loading Spout

MCC Loading Spout
For bulk loading of dry and fine products in tankers, we have cargo spouts that ensure a clean loading without dust emissions and at a high loading rate.

KEMEX’s telescopic spouts are used for loading closed (tanker) trucks and trains that require a clean and dust-free loading of materials. They basically consist of two concentric pipes, with the product to be loaded flowing through the inner conduit and with the dedusting of the load effected in the outer conduit through the both conduits’ cross section. 

Dedusting must be done by connecting the dedusting flange to a filter with a suction fan.

KEMEX’s expertise in loading and dedusting and allows us to offer our clients loading spouts with a built-in baghouse, making the installation more economical and compact.

KEMEX loading spouts have three types of internal conduits, depending on the product to be loaded:

The loading nozzle is lowered and raised using an electric motor. The loading nozzle has a level indicator to warn when the tank is full and the silo or hopper outlet should be closed. It has 2 limit switches for the extended and retracted spout positions.

Optionally, it can have a vibrator in the loading nozzle to prevent the dust accumulated inside it from passing to the tank, and an anti-depressurization valve to prevent the outer flexible spout from collapsing.

Advantages of the KEMEX loading spout