CPR Lump Breaker

CPR Lump Breaker
Quite often, material that forms lumps with moisture appears in silos. These can be eliminated with the lump breaker.

KEMEX’s lump breakers are installed at the outlet of the storage tanks, both silos as well as hoppers. In silos designed with an outlet, lumps of the product inside the silo can cause the outlets to become plugged.

Installing the KEMEX lump breaker allows the lumps to be broken up so that the material flows perfectly through the silo outlet.

Internally, it comprises a rotor – positioned horizontally or vertically depending on the case – with smooth or serrated blades that break the lumps against a grating or grid of bars.

They are installed at the silo outlet after the emergency slide valve and before the sector gate.

Despite years of operation, KEMEX lump breakers maintain their original characteristics without showing any wear.

The main features of the KEMEX lump breaker are: