Dust Control Systems

Dust Control Systems
KEMEX offers solutions for filtering and purifying gases using a dry method. KEMEX’s technology has been developed to obtain the maximum efficiency with a minimum of maintenance.

The collection and purification of gases containing solid particles entails very diverse problems in the different industrial processes that generate emissions into the atmosphere. The recovery of powdered products from the gas is vital in any industry in order to prevent pollution and improve plant performance.

Our clients’ need to collect and purify the powder from the systems we design has led us to having our own gas filtration and purification technology which has been put to the test in many installations.

We have JET-LINE flue-based filtration equipment with operating features that allow for a wide range of possibilities; KEMEX provides advice about these features to our clients on an as-needed basis.

KEMEX uses its own air-air coolers placed in the clinker cooler to reduce gas temperatures.

And for pre-filtering and filtering of the coarsest particles, KEMEX has designed the CAE cyclone separators designs which are highly resistant to abrasion and require virtually no maintenance.

The equipment designed and manufactured by KEMEX gas purification and filtration are: