Screw Conveyor TSH-TSV-TSI

Screw Conveyor TSH-TSV-TSI
Kemex Screw conveyor are used to convey and lift dry, fine solids.

The TSV vertical auger lift products such as cement, cement raw materials or products of similar characteristics vertically. It has an advantage over buckets elevators in that less height is needed to feed the elevator.

It consists of a body composed of various sections bolted to each other, inside which an auger screw rotates guided by abrasion-resistant carbide bearings. This screw is supported by exterior bearings located at the elevator head.
At the bottom, it has a fluidized box for feeding product to the screw.
The elevator is driven by motor located at its head, with transmission via direct coupling or by pulleys and belts.

We design and build TSH-TSI horizontal and inclined screw augers that allow for the mechanical conveying of materials.

They are used with abrasive materials and to transport large volumes.

Design features:


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