Pneumatic Conveying System INC-Paraguay

Pneumatic Conveying System INC-Paraguay

Kemex was awarded by public tender by the Government of Paraguay, for the modification of cement conveying system from the mill to four silos for the National Cement Industry at its plant in Villeta (Paraguay).

It was to change the existing system by flux pump, even more standares according to the current system, enabling increased conveying capacity.

The characteristics of the installation are:

Material:                  Cement

Coveying Capacity: 150 t / h.

Transport length: 170 meters.

Pressure: 1 bar.

The conveying system selected medium pressure is performed by Kemex screw pump. Cement is conveying from the mill outlet to four storage silos located about 150 meters away

On top of the screw pump, a Kemex bag filter was placed inserted, for dusting the area.

On the roof of the silo valves they placed Kemex two directions valves for entry the different silos, and two  Kemex bag filters acting every two silos, for dedusting air transport.

The conveying system is controlled by a PLC cabinet that was included in the control room of the plant.

The turnkey project lasted four months for manufacturind and four months assembly and commissioning.

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